I’m Ginna Kincaide. Pronounced Gin-na. Like gin & juice. Vintage Junkie is my tiny little vintage shop in Southtown San Antonio. I opened my doors in March of 2018 after doing markets, selling online and out of my storage unit and garage for years. I am a collector of all things collectible. I’m also a forty-something freelance photographer and former collegiate athlete from San Antonio. I still do markets every now and again and am always working on a project.

You never know what you might find when you stop in. I get new stuff almost daily and I say it isn’t hoarding if it’s cool stuff. I am forever rearranging and constantly adapting my space. You’ll hardly ever see it the same way twice. I love mixing the unexpected with everyday, balancing vintage with new and have a ridiculous attraction to hardware and bad taxidermy. I also have metal issues. Patina is my favorite color. Furniture is in my blood. Some may see Grandma’s old dusty rusty table, but I see the could be. The will be. The potential awesomeness.

I truly believe that all objects find their way to their true owners (I’m currently working on that Law) …….

If you don’t see what you are in search of, just leave me a note and let me know what it is you’re looking for. I’ll do my best to find it for you.

My goal is to make vintage, antique and secondhand furniture along with cool, affordable and unique decor available to everyone creating happy and quirky homes.

Vintage is defined as an object or item 50 years of age or more. New Vintage is 20 years which makes me feel like being stuck in the ’90’s isn’t as cool as i think it is. Antique is defined as an object or item 100 years of age or more.

It’s often a mess here but i find perfection in inperfection most times.

For the love of all things with natural patina, chippy, rusty, shabby, flea market findable, industrial, salvaged, vintage, recycled, repurposed, up-cycled and do–it-your-selfable… See you soon